Signs You Should Replace Your Car Keys

Replacing your car keys can be a frustrating experience. It gets more difficult if you don't have the original car key. Unfortunately, most drivers wait for their keys to stop working for them to get a replacement. This will often lead to unwanted inconveniences. So, when is the perfect time to get an auto key replacement? 

Difficulty Turning the Key

If you cannot turn your key in the ignition, you can't start your car. You might get away with forcing the key to turn, but it is pretty risky. Difficulty turning the key doesn't necessarily mean your ignition or car key has a problem. You can try a few hacks before concluding that you need a car key replacement. 

If the hacks don't cut it, you are probably dealing with a worn-out car key or problematic ignition. Either way, you need to have an auto locksmith check your car keys and ignition.

Broken Car Key

You have probably dealt with broken house keys but not broken car keys. Well, car keys also go through wear and tear. As such, your key can break off in the lock or ignition even without using much force. You have to get a locksmith to extract the broken piece and make a replacement car key if that happens. 

Worn Out Car Keys

Most drivers tend to ignore signs of wear and tear on their car keys. Of course, the keys will continue to operate normally until the threads are completely worn. But do you have to risk your car keys jamming in the lock or even breaking? No, you should liaise with an auto locksmith to get you a replacement before it's too late.

Lost Car Keys

Lost car keys are among the main reasons people need replacements. While losing your car keys is quite rare, you can still misplace them while at work or home. That said, you'll have to get a car key replacement soon. You might even have to change your locks and ignition just in case your car keys fall into the wrong hands.

You Have an Aftermarket Car Key

Drivers tend to go for aftermarket keys because they are cheap. Unfortunately, these keys will give you problems because they aren't designed for your vehicle model. Aftermarket keys have to be reprogrammed and paired to your vehicle. Otherwise, you'll often run into issues sooner than later. Alternatively, you can get a car key replacement specifically designed for your car model.

If you run into any of the above issues, don't hesitate to contact an auto locksmith.

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