Residential Locksmiths Provide A Broad Range Of Services

When people hear the word locksmith, they might immediately think of a skilled individual who helps when someone is accidentally locked out. These emergency calls do make up part of the job. Yet a residential locksmith provides a much broader range of services to homeowners.

Replacing Cheap Locks

Many residential property owners decide at some point they want a security upgrade. That could happen right after moving into a new place or years later. Cheap devices that lock by turning or pushing in a button are not effective against burglars and other intruders. Often, this equipment can be defeated by using a credit card or butter knife to move the latch aside. Higher-quality knob locks and levers are available.

Installing Deadbolts

Deadbolts should be included. Premium security products stop determined trespassers from getting in. Homeowners should ask for bolts that are turned from the inside and operated by a key outside. Without an exterior component, the deadbolt cannot be latched from outside when someone leaves. Pick-resistant deadbolts are available. Because there are two sets of tumblers, they are much more difficult to break into. 

Avoiding Double-Keyed Deadbolts

Double-keyed deadbolts and knobs that require keys both inside and outside can be installed. However, locksmiths typically refuse to do this work because it violates building codes. Having to unlock a device like this from the inside is a safety hazard if people need to leave rapidly. In case of fire, they may be too scared to work the key quickly enough. The key's location might be blocked by flames.


A locksmith installs peepholes and bigger door viewers so the residents can see who is ringing the bell or knocking. Many homes have exterior doors without windows. 

Resolving Problems

Locksmiths also assist when equipment no longer works properly. For instance, the door might need to be pulled back or pushed forward to lock or unlock it. This might happen as the building settles over the years.

Another problem involves the latch that operates when someone turns the knob. An old latch might occasionally stick open or closed, requiring someone to fiddle with the knob. This also can happen with handles that have a push-down lever. A residential locksmith installs properly fitting and better-performing devices.

Concluding Thoughts

All of these projects improve security and help people feel safer whether they are at home or away. To get started, homeowners may contact a residential locksmith and schedule an appointment for the work they want completed.

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