3 Lock And Safety Issues That May Require Locksmith Services

There are many ways that locksmith services can help homeowners. However, many people think that they only need a locksmith if they are locked out of their homes. Some individuals may not even realize that they have lock issues that could pose serious safety risks. Ignoring potential areas of vulnerability can make accessing your home easy for thieves. Perhaps you already have some protective measures in place, but they may not be protecting you as well they could. The following points represent lock and safety issues a locksmith can assist with. 

Missing Keys

If you have missing keys that were lost or given out to someone, you may not want to get a completely new lock system. This can be the case when expensive, working locks are installed. A locksmith can perform a rekey service, which would render the existing keys worthless to open the current lock. The process involves altering an existing lock's inner mechanisms and creating new keys to fit the altered lock. This is a cost-effective solution to replacing an expensive lock system or replacing several locks. 

Damaged Window Locks

Don't assume that no one will know your windows have missing locks or damaged locks that do not work. Burglars often make test attempts to access properties. This means they may try to open all of your windows and enter the one that is easy access. Replacing broken window locks is the best defense for this issue.

Compromised Safe Combinations

Misplaced safe combinations can be frustrating, but it is possible for other individuals to steal safe combinations and keep them until they see an opportunity to steal entire safes or the contents. A locksmith service involving safes can create new combinations. Services can also involve checking to see if safes are in good condition and providing the protection needed. Safes that are rarely accessed or serviced may have non-working components due to age and infrequent usage. 

Refrigerator and Freezer Locks

A locksmith can replace the locks on your refrigerator or deep freezer if you have this feature on your appliances. These keys may get misplaced if they are only used occasionally. It is also possible to buy a refrigerator or freezer and accidentally throw the keys away. 

A locksmith can also perform an audit on your home. The results of their inspection of your windows and doors can yield areas that require attention. You can use the results to determine if it is a good time to upgrade all or some of your locks to protect your home. Contact a locksmith for more information.

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