Changing Or Upgrading The Locks On Your Home

There are times when changing the locks on your home is essential. A new home or a lost set of keys can increase the urgency of adding new locks, or you may want to increase the security of your home by upgrading the locks to something completely different that you currently have. In either situation, hiring a residential locksmith can be your best option.

Replacing Your Locks

If you need to replace all the locks in your home, you could go and buy some locksets from the local hardware store or home center, but getting a high-quality entry set that is keyed the same from every door in the house can be difficult. Often you can find a kit with two entry sets in it that are keyed-alike, but if you have three or more doors that you want to have the same key, that is harder.

Hiring a locksmith to replace the locks on your home offers the advantage of having all the doors keyed the same, and your locksmith will offer much higher quality entry sets and locks than most retailers have on the shelf. Having a locksmith do the work for you also means that you do not have to take the time on a weekend to changes locks and make adjustments to make the new locks fit or work correctly. 

Upgrading Your Locks

Upgrading the locks in your home could mean buying higher quality locks or maybe changing to smart locks, keypad locks, or some combination of both. Keypad locks on the entrance to your home offer the advantage of not having a key to lose, but they do require you to commit code to memory. If you have a hard time remembering things, adding a smart lock option that works with your cell phone, or a proximity key that unlocks if you have a card or keyfob with you can be a good option.

The downside to a keyfob or access card is that you still have something you can loose, but the upside is that if you do lose it, it can be deactivated in a matter of minutes on your home computer and if someone tries to use it, you will be alerted to that attempt. 

Locks that open with your cell phone can be set up, so you need a code on your phone or a fingerprint to activate the system and unlock the door. Most locksmiths offer modern systems like these and can install them in your home. Check with your local locksmith if you feel it is time to upgrade and want to look at smart lock or keypad lock options.

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