What to Do When Your Keys Are Locked in Your Car

Few things are as frustrating as realizing that you have locked your keys inside your car. Modern vehicles can be difficult to enter, but there are some simple tricks you can try to help you retrieve your keys quickly. Here are three things you should do the next time you lock your keys inside of your vehicle.

1. Use a shoelace to try ‚Äčto open your door.

Using the resources around you when you are locked out of your vehicle can be a great way to attempt to gain access to the interior of your car. Shoelaces provide the perfect tool to attempt to unlock your vehicle manually.

All you need to do is tie a slip knot into the shoelace, slide the knotted end of the shoelace between the frame of your car and the door, then hold the exposed end of the shoelace parallel to your vehicle's roof as you slide the knot toward your car's locking mechanism.

Once the loop from your slip knot is around the locking mechanism, pull up to tighten the knot around the mechanism's post. Once the knot is secure, give the shoelace a good tug, and your lock should open.

2. Check to see if your vehicle has remote unlock capabilities.

When trying to access a locked vehicle without keys, it can be beneficial to place a call to the dealership where you purchased your car if the vehicle is relatively new. Many new cars come equipped with in-cab services like navigation and remote assistance.

If your vehicle allows you to contact a representative while you are driving, these same representatives may be able to offer remote unlocking services for your car. The dealer that sold your vehicle to you will be able to let you know whether or not remote unlocking is an option the next time you lock your keys inside your car.

3. Conduct a thorough check of each access point.

As soon as a driver notices their keys are inside of a locked vehicle, they can begin to panic. This panic often clouds the mind and prevents drivers from finding simple solutions to their access problem.

You should always take the time to check every access point on your vehicle when you lock your keys inside the car. While the driver's door might be locked, a rear door or the hatch may be open. Exploring alternative access points will help ensure that your keys really are locked inside your vehicle.

If you are unable to gain entry to your locked car by using a shoelace, remote unlocking, or an alternative access point, contact an automotive locksmith such as Autolock Solutions for assistance.

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