Want To Streamline Things With Your Vacation Rental? Install An Electronic Deadbolt Lock

Buying a starter home and eventually moving into another home that better fits your needs is a form of natural progression. But, while most homeowners will sell their starter home, you may have turned yours into a full-time vacation rental. This can be a demanding responsibility, but it depends on your setup. One of the most demanding aspects is opening the doors to each guest that stays at your place. It is worth investing in an electronic deadbolt lock that will help you streamline much of this laborious process.

Eliminate the Need to Meet the Guests

It is not a smart idea to send copies of your house keys to every guest that has booked a stay. But an electronic lock allows you to give out codes to your guests on the day of their arrival. The exchange of the code can take place through a phone call, email, or text message. You can also send it at any time, so you can text your guests the key code before you head to bed so you do not have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to let them in. Although you may have already made arrangements to meet with your guests, not having to show up to the vacation rental will naturally save you time and money by not consuming any fuel.

Make Lots of Codes at One Time

Some locks can hold upwards of 250 codes. So, instead of having to personally head back to the vacation rental on a consistent basis to create new codes for your guests, you can make a lot at once. This allows cleaners that get the place ready for the following guests to be the only visitors in between each stay.

Allow for Quick and Easy Access

The great thing about these codes is that they give such easy access for your guests. You may even want to include the details regarding the lock in the description on vacation rental listing websites. Some travelers may know they show up at strange times because they have an unusual schedule or like to take advantage of deadeye flights to minimize their overall costs while traveling. Being able to get into the rental without having to make an awkward late-night phone call to the host can be rather tempting for them.

Not only is an electronic deadbolt lock an excellent choice for keeping your vacation rental secure, it allows you to devote less time to managing the rental while also making it better for guests. Contact a professional such as Migoley Stephen K  to have one installed in your rental.

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