Answering Questions About Your Options For Commercial Locks

The locks on your business's doors are essential for making sure that you can control who enters your building. Unfortunately, there are many new business owners that are relatively uninformed about commercial locks, which can make choosing a lock system for their doors extremely difficult. By learning the answers to the following three commercial lock questions, you will have more of the information that you need to make sound choices for securing your business.

How Do Transponder-Based Locks Work?

If you have a number of employees that need keys to your building, it may seem like it will be difficult for you to ensure that there are no unauthorized copies of your keys. Fortunately, keys with transponder chips can be an excellent way for you to avoid unauthorized key copying.

These locks require the key to emit a signal that can be verified by the lock before it releases.In these systems, each key's transponder can be programmed with a different transponder code, which can allow you to easily nullify the keys of terminated employees by simply deleting the employee's code from the list of accepted transponder signals.

Are There Completely Electronic Locks?

Completely electronic locks are relatively new, but they can offer your business a number of advantages. These locks can be programmed to provide access with identification cards or access codes as opposed to keys. Often, these systems have a master control panel that can allow you to quickly modify the access privileges of an employee. This will allow you to quickly revoke access for terminated employees or provide access to new hires without having to keep track of keys or worry about unauthorized copies having been made.

Do Electronic Locks Have Expensive Maintenance Needs?

While electronic locks can be extremely secure, some business owners will make the mistake of assuming that these locks are maintenance intensive. However, these locks will require very little in terms of care. Once every couple of years, the locks should be professionally serviced. This servicing is needed to ensure that the locking mechanisms are properly lubricated and free of dust. If large amounts of dust get in the locking mechanisms, they may become jammed.

Choosing the types of locks that your business uses does not have to be an overwhelming task. By making sure that you have a basic knowledge about transponder-based and electronic locks, you will be in a much better position for ensuring that you choose the locking system that will be best for your enterprise's needs. Click to read more.

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