Three Ways To Stop Losing Your Keys

If you're prone to losing your car keys, you know how financially painful that's become. Replacing keys for newer vehicles now means not only replacing the physical keys, but also any computer chips embedded in the keys -- and then making extra copies with their own chips. It's much better to train yourself to not lose keys in the first place. Here are three ways to stop losing keys and start knowing where the keys are all the time.

Notes, Notes Everywhere

Place notes on your bedroom door, your refrigerator and freezer, your front door, your work desk, and so on. A big note saying something blunt about checking now to see where your keys are doesn't make it easy to forget about your keys. However, you have to use lots of notes. If you have one note on your front door, that reminds you to check that you have your keys when you leave for work in the morning. But then you're still at risk of losing your keys throughout the day. With constant reminders, you'll constantly check, and eventually you'll be so used to checking that you have your keys that you'll always have a better idea of where they are.

Designated Landing Zones

Set aside specific places for your keys when you aren't driving. These can range from a special key cabinet in your kitchen (Hunted Interior suggests turning the side of a kitchen cabinet into a keyholder/message center, but the spot you choose can be as simple as a dish by the front door) to a particular pocket in a purse or backpack when you're at work. You have to get out of the habit of throwing your keys down in random spots; that's how you lose track of the keys in the first place. Always place keys in specific areas so you know where to look when you need the keys.

Electronic Tracking

If those two strategies still aren't helping, you can always resort to tracking the keys electronically. There are now companies that will either tag the individual keys or add a special tracking device to the keyring that you can follow using your smartphone. I fyou can't find the keys, grab your phone and look up your keys' location.

If you want more tips -- or if it's too late for your keys this time and you need copies -- contact car key replacement companies. They will be able to help you evaluate why you keep losing the keys and customize a solution based on that.

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