Tips To Prevent Car Lockouts & How To Deal With The Situation

No one wants to get locked out of their vehicle but accidents happen that could occur anytime, which can cause all kinds of problems. This guide will give you a few tips that may help prevent you from locking yourself out of your car. And you will also get a few suggestions on what to do if you must deal with this situation. 

A Few Tips To Prevent a Lock Out

Locking yourself out of your vehicle is not entirely uncommon; in fact, statistics show that around 4 million people locked themselves out of their car in 2012. So being prepared is a good idea; you might keep a spare in your wallet and keep your locksmith's number handy, but there are other ways to prevent this incident, so consider some of the following tips:

Magnetic Key Box

One thing that you can consider is purchasing a magnetic key box from your local auto care store. You can place this magnetic key box somewhere under your vehicle where you can hide your extra key. Try to avoid areas that tend to get hot while driving, like the catalytic converter; perhaps consider areas near the fuel filter. 

Change Locking Habits

You can try to train yourself to lock your car when you are outside of the vehicle, which should prevent the problem of leaving your keys inside the car. 

Change Your Key-Carrying Habits

You can also use some of the following to keep your keys with you at all times:

  • A lanyard key holder
  • A carabiner
  • Wristband keychain

You can also talk to your locksmith, as he or she may have other ideas to help prevent you from locking yourself out of your car. Contact a company like The Lock Shop for more information.

Tips On What To Do If You Are Locked Out

Things can happen no matter how much you prepare, so consider the following if you find yourself locked out of your car:

  • You can use a modified wire coat hanger with a small hook that you'll use to latch on to the button inside your car. You just have to get in through the protective rubber over your window. 
  • Try to go through your trunk--if you still have access to it--by simply lowering your backseats.

You can also call your locksmith specialist to get you out of your situation. Hopefully this guide was able to give a few tips to prevent this problem and offer a few helpful solutions if you are locked out.  

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